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Automatic leak prevention

Protect your smart home, no plumbing required!


comfortable, safe and efficient

Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations providing reliable and effective products and systems that assist in making a home or business comfortable, safe and efficient.


Make your home a Smart Home. Prevent water damage and expensive insurance claims

Compatible with leading brands

Staying connected has never been easier


Easy to install and configure. No special tools or plumbing required. The High Torque and Intelligent Stroke control make EcoNet's Bulldog Valve Robot ideal for the toughest valves and installations.


Smart Leak

EcoNet's Leak/Flood Sensor is compatible with most popular Smart Home Systems including Samsung's SmartThings, Wink, Vera  and HomeSeer. After included/paired and Smart Home automated, simply place the Leak Sensor on the floor in the laundry room, bathroom or any water sensitive area to receive leak notifications to your smart phone. Add EcoNet's Valve Robot for automatic water shut off in case of a leak. The sensor can also be wall mounted using the snap-in base with the wired leak tab.



Check out our customer reviews

"This, by far, is the easiest to install and happens to be the least expensive. The quality is rock solid and the customer support is 5 Star."
"The EBV105 is exactly what I have been looking for. No need to redo the plumbing in your house. Just install the device on your existing entry ball valve and you have remote control of the water at your home."
“.. configured so that whenever we go to Away Mode, the water is shut off automatically”


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