Meet the EcoNet Water Shutoff

A Z-Wave Enabled Device.

Prevent water damage due to leaks with an automatic water shutoff system!

Checkout the
EcoNet Z-Wave Vent

Get your HVAC costs under control…

Automate HVAC air flow by room based on schedules, temperature, or occupancy.

See our   reviews:

“Solid Z-Wave Water Valve!”

“This, by far, is the easiest to install and happens
to be the least expensive.  The quality is rock solid
and the customer support is 5 Star.



“No plumbing required!”

“The EBV105 is exactly what I have been looking for. No need to redo the plumbing in your house. Just install the device on your existing entry ball valve and you have remote control of the water at your home.”



“Awesome. Highly Recommend.”

“.. configured so that whenevr we go to Away Mode,
the water is shut off automatically”