Meet the EcoNet Water Shutoff

A Z-Wave Enabled Device.

Prevent water damage due to leaks with an automatic water shutoff system!

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EcoNet Z-Wave Vent

Get your HVAC costs under control…

Automate HVAC air flow by room based on schedules, temperature, or occupancy.

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No plumbing required!

The EBV105 is exactly what I have been looking for. No need to redo the plumbing in your house. Just

install the device on your existing entry ball valve and you have remote control of the water at your home.



Great Product

…The customer service is AWESOME.

…It takes about 10-15 seconds from when my Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor (DSB45-ZWUS) touches water to when the water supply is completely shut off. Not bad!

Overall, highly recommended.



Awesome. Highly Recommend.

After having a supply line under the kitchen sink burst we decided to install these. We bought 2 units one for each of our homes. … Works like a dream!



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